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Dating back to 1851, Nykredit (English: New Credit) is one of Denmark's leading financial services companies with activities ranging from the mortgage, retail, and investment banking to insurance, leasing, and fixed income trading and asset management. The Nykredit Group is the largest lender in Denmark and one of the major private bond issuers in Europe.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for Nykredit on Glassdoor in September 2020:

"Old school management, a very slow journey towards a digital state of mind, failed commitment to agile work methodology."


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Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"Management. Salery. Benefits. Values. Culture."

Current Employee - User Experience Designer says

"Old school management, a very slow journey towards a digital state of mind, failed commitment to agile work methodology"

Current Employee - Digital Marketing Consultant says

"Low salary, not market competitive Heavy workload and late nights Not always enough manpower to do the job A lot of different projects at running the same time"

Current Employee - Consultant says

"canteen and management could be better"

Current Employee - Senior Specialist says

"Like most places, ones experience is highly dependant on who one’s boss or manager is. For career progression, if one is lucky enough to find a manager that cares about you, you will have many opportunities. If one is unlucky enough to have one that doesn’t look out for you, you can get stuck where you are."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaries are bit lower than in other Danish banks."

Former Employee - Senior Business Development Analyst says

"A bit smaller than the other big banks in denmark, in order to ambitions and execution"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Little focus on development and opportunities as such. Often very unchallenging and repetitive work for student at the company. No international opportunities."

Former Employee - Meeting Booker says

"Not the best ambiance, the dress code was very restricted considering that it was just a bunch of people talking on the phone. The expectations were too high."

Current Employee - Software Architect says

"The top management made huge changes one year ago but the employes are still very frustrated. Noone understands hos the new strategy is to be implemented. The strategy is only one line. This has made a lot of good people leave and people are still leaving. The last year Nykredit has not been a good place to be."

Anne Nunes says

"I must say I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Nykredit. I contacted them letting them know how I was struggling not having a bank card to buy groceries and do other payments. I accepted that it would take some time, given that Christmas and New Years were in between, and that due to corona, I couldn't just go to one of their offices and withdraw some money. It is ABSOLUTELY horrendous, that they are gatekeeping a new card and its temporary code, in order to have INCREDIBLY INTRUSIVE questions filled out, THIS IS HOW EXACTLY they treat their CURRENT customers. Most of the requested information could have been obtained by themselves! No need to do what they did! What a disrespect! They haven't send me the temporary code for the new bank card that just came in the mail, I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!!!! A DAMN MONTH FOR A NEW CARD TO ARRIVE! I WILL TRANSFER ALL MY MONEY TO A NEW ACCOUNT ON ANOTHER DANISH BANK, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!!!"

Emil Igidov says

"This bank is the worst bank. I do not recommend this bank to anyone. They are going to close my personal and business accounts soon without any explanation. I called to account manager and he told me that he cannot give the reason why they closing my account. Worst service worst bank."

Alin Alexandru Chirila Irimia says

"Bad service, they move slow, not serious when it's about credits. They want to have full control off your account, you have no intimacy in the qccount."

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